Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paris Trunk Shows

                                                    Debra working with a bride
                                                    at The Plumed Serpent, Westport, Conn.

Debra enjoys traveling the country (and the world) meeting brides at Paris Accessories Trunk Shows.  It gives her an opportunity to meet all the beautiful brides in their beautiful dresses and share with them her love of fashion and accessories.  It gives the brides the chance to work with a professional stylist and to get her free advice on how to create their own special look for their special day.  After asking a few interesting question Debra is able to get an understanding of the bride's tastes and personality and pertinent interesting facts about the event.
Using an expanded collection of Paris jewelry and Paris Accessories that travels with her, Debra is able to help the bride, and often times her mother, select the perfect compliments to their dresses.  It also allows them the opportunity to create custom jewelry, all made by the talented American artisans at the Paris studios in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Watch for a Paris Accessory Trunk Show and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
Debra looks forward to meeting you all!

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