Monday, January 11, 2010

Golden Opportunity

The Golden Globes are upon us and this Thursday is gifting suite day!

Debra is literally packing up all the pretties as I type and heading off to LA in the morning after weeks of hard work.

Debra and our Production Manager, Jill will be gifting our beautiful accessories and promoting PARIS by giving out press kits, postcards and coupons. The press kits really turned out adorable.

Isn't the Gold theme so appropriate?

All of the press kits include a cd with lots of stunning images of our product. Also inside are some great editorials and pictures including this one:

Taylor Swift wearing Petticoat Planet at Katy Perry's recent birthday bash. Re-visit the Bride Room's post about it here.

Shhh! Don't tell but 15 V.I.P editors will be recieving barefoot sandals similar to these:

Orange Blossom Barefoot Sandals. (suggested retail $765)

Stay tuned for lots more Golden Globe gifting suite coverage this week!