Friday, December 30, 2011

Easy Bridal Hairstyle

As a Bridal Fashion Stylist Debra gets many requests for help in determining the perfect hairstyle that compliments the bride's face, dress, venue and personal style.  As a Bridal Accessory, Bridal Jewelry and Bridal Veiling designer she is able to step back and look at the big picture and how every element fits together to create the perfect look.

Here is an easy step by step to creating a soft side chignon.

Around this you could drape the new "School for Scandal" ornament for a Classic, Romantic look

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Perfect 10

Perfect 10
Every bride is looking for just the right size earring and Debra has designed hundreds of beautiful earrings of every size and description so that brides can find the ones that compliment her dress perfectly.  From small and beautiful to large and dramatic and every size in between, here are ten of our most popular earrings from this famous jewelry designer, Debra's Perfect 10!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Bridal Hairstyles

Smart Set Brooch tucked into a low bun
Whenever Debra works with brides at her trunk shows she always begins by discussing what the brides is thinking for her wedding hair styles.  She will then pin their hair up in a quick "sketch", this allows them to determine what hair accessories are best suited for the bride's style and occasion.  Very often this will be the bride's choice for her wedding hair styles and she will take pictures for her hairstylist to duplicate.
Once the style is established Debra proceeds with suggesting just the perfect hair accessories and bridal veils to complete the look.

Whether it is a beautiful Paris Tiaras or a few simple hairpins, Debra has designed every kind of beautiful jewelry for the hair.

Debra's classic Anastasia tiara in a loose up swept hairstyle

Rain Tree County brooch in an elegant chignon

Age of Innocence hair ornament surrounds a loose knot of hair

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paris Trunk Shows

                                                    Debra working with a bride
                                                    at The Plumed Serpent, Westport, Conn.

Debra enjoys traveling the country (and the world) meeting brides at Paris Accessories Trunk Shows.  It gives her an opportunity to meet all the beautiful brides in their beautiful dresses and share with them her love of fashion and accessories.  It gives the brides the chance to work with a professional stylist and to get her free advice on how to create their own special look for their special day.  After asking a few interesting question Debra is able to get an understanding of the bride's tastes and personality and pertinent interesting facts about the event.
Using an expanded collection of Paris jewelry and Paris Accessories that travels with her, Debra is able to help the bride, and often times her mother, select the perfect compliments to their dresses.  It also allows them the opportunity to create custom jewelry, all made by the talented American artisans at the Paris studios in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Watch for a Paris Accessory Trunk Show and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
Debra looks forward to meeting you all!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Paris' New National Ad

Paris' new national ad will premier shortly in Martha Stewart Weddings, on the newsstands in late December.  It features Debra's "Rose Tattoo" hair ornament and "Glad Tidings" bracelet.  We hope everyone likes it, we sure do!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hand Painted Veils

"Rosemary Lane"

Debra has been creating hand painted veiling for quite some time and they are stunning accents to the right dress.

Her newest are "Rosemary Lane" and "Scarborough Fare" and are the first of the painted veils to be signed by Debra.

Hidden in the designs for these veils are two signatures, Debra's and the artist that recreates the design.

Like all of Paris accessories these veils are sure to become treasured heirlooms.

 "Rosemary Lane" detail

 Rosemary Lane

"Scarborough Fare"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smart Set

Debra's Smart Set brooches have been a favorite with brides and moms either as ornaments in the hair, on sashes or bags.  She has just introduced several new pieces to the collection that have the same modern sparkle, including a statement necklace, bracelet and coordinating earrings. The chunky arrangement of crystals has a real Hollywood Glamour feel and are perfect for that bride that wants to make a red carpet entrance.
The coordinating Shining Hour earrings are the perfect size drop to compliment or alone to add just the right bit of sparkle.

The Smart Set bracelet stands alone as a statement bracelet.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paris in Nashville

 Debra heads to Nashville this weekend to see the lovely ladies at The Bride Room and to advise all their beautiful brides on the perfect accessories and veiling. She will be traveling with an extensive collection of her designs to make sure she has just the right things.
By Appointment

Debra's new "Object of Desire" earrings are becoming just that for the lucky brides that have seen these brand new beauties that were just introduced last month at the NY Bridal Week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NY Bridal Week

 Last week was NY Bridal week and Debra showed her newest collections along with a selection of her most popular styles to all the buyers visiting NY for the fashions.
Everyone loved the new booth format with her specially designed black and silver steamer trunks that open to reveal beautifully outfitted interiors filled with the collections.
A collage of calligraphic lettering featured collection names, new and old decorated the walls.
Thanks to all who visited, it was good to see old friends from all over the world and meet some new ones.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Debra's Trunk Show Schedule

Debra travels to Houston this weekend for a trunk show at Joan Pillow, a Bridal Salon.

Joan Pillow is located at 4001 Westheimer Road, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77027.

Call 713 622 1122 for available appointments.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Classic Pearls

The fashion editors at Get Married magazine have paired Debra's "Clover" necklace with bright and fun bridesmaid's gowns, the ivory and blue combination looks fresh and modern, proving that classic pearls are just that.  Her oversize beaded pearl cluster post earrings always look chic.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

White Diamonds

As iconic as the lady herself, Debra's new collections "White Diamonds" and "Elizabeth" are a fitting tribute. A subtle blend of silver and gold finished metals, mesh details and Swarovski crystals, these elegant pieces are the perfect accent to an extravagant ballgown or fluid column.
Just add a spray of perfume.....

White Diamonds Earrings

Elizabeth necklace           

White Diamonds bracelet

Elizabeth earrings            

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Debra's New Collections

Debra introduced several new collections at the International Bridal Market in New York last month and all were very well received.  The favorite seemed to be the "La Dolce Vita" collection which was inspired by her "La Dolce Vita" earrings, everyone's favorite earrings.

The enameled filagree flowers encrusted with tiny crystals are both magical and modern, especially when done in large scale like the headband and necklace. 

La Dolce Vita Necklace

La Dolce Vita Belt

La Dolce Vita bracelet

In the Sweet earrings

Monday, May 2, 2011

Is Kate wearing Debra's "Tonight Belt?

We had to look twice at HRH The Dutchess of Cambridge in her reception dress, her belt is so much like Debra's very popular "Tonight" belt.

The plain fitted belt of silver and crystals is very often the perfect accent and this example proves it. 

Debra often pairs it with her "Pearl Harbor" brooch as an accent.

Understated elegance is always in style.

What do you think??

Debra's "Tonight" belt with "Pearl Harbor" brooch.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding

With the Royal Wedding just days away we at Paris along with the rest of the fashion world are anxious to see which tiara Kate will choose to wear down the aisle.  Traditionally Queen Elizabeth II gives the bride her tiara as a wedding gift, but the tiara which Kate is given may not necessarily be the one she wears down the aisle.  According to all the experts and educated guesses here are the frontrunners for Kate's big day...

The "Cambridge Lover's Knot" is a favorite as it is expected that the Queen will bestow the title of "Duke of Cambridge" upon her grandson.  The fact that this was given by the Queen to his mother Diana and she wore it often, there may be some protocol issues with this beautiful and historic piece

Another favorite included in the short list is the "Fringe" tiara worn by Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding day.  Because she has worn this many times and continues to wear it, this may not be considered if the Queen decides to wear this herself.

The Dehli Dunbar is a remarkably beautiful and historic piece.  It's large size may make it a bit too overpowering and less fashionable than the others.

The tiara leading in the media's poll is the "Girls of Great Britian and Ireland".  A gift to Queen Elizabeth from her grandmother Queen Mary, this piece is know for it's great beauty and ties to the royal family.

While Kate has an enormous collection of beautiful royal jewels from which to choose, most brides do not have access to these historic pieces.  Even without the family collection brides can still have beautiful accessories for a royal look.  Debra's headpieces and accessories have been setting the standard for beauty for over twenty years, begin your family heirloom collection with your own Paris tiara!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Bridal Hairstyle--Half Up-Half Down

You've got the perfect guy, the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, now you need the perfect hairstyle.

Always consider your face shape and the neckline of your dress when you are thinking of the best way to wear your hair.

Here's a good lesson on a classic up/down look. One important thing is to add a bit of lift at the crown as show here, it adds shape and elegance. This look allows for a variety of hair accessory and veiling options, an ornament tucked to the side looks great or a set of hairpins.

Consider these Paris pieces:

Dream Girls Combs

Helena Comb

Isle of Esme comb

Baby Mine Hairpin Set

Fountainhead Hairpin Set

Patty Cakes hairpin set

Jungle Goddess comb

Mayfair Veil

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paris at BHLDN

Debra Moreland has several pieces on the new Anthropologie Wedding site "BHLDN" so be sure and check it out. She is working on more custom pieces with them for the future. Their team came into Cincinnati to see the "Wedded Perfection" exhibit and we got a wonderful tour with curator Cynthia Amneus, including a special "back stage pass"-thank you Cynthia we had a blast! They spent a day working with Debra on lots of special new items. Here are a few items currently being featured.