Friday, December 16, 2011

Bridal Hairstyles

Smart Set Brooch tucked into a low bun
Whenever Debra works with brides at her trunk shows she always begins by discussing what the brides is thinking for her wedding hair styles.  She will then pin their hair up in a quick "sketch", this allows them to determine what hair accessories are best suited for the bride's style and occasion.  Very often this will be the bride's choice for her wedding hair styles and she will take pictures for her hairstylist to duplicate.
Once the style is established Debra proceeds with suggesting just the perfect hair accessories and bridal veils to complete the look.

Whether it is a beautiful Paris Tiaras or a few simple hairpins, Debra has designed every kind of beautiful jewelry for the hair.

Debra's classic Anastasia tiara in a loose up swept hairstyle

Rain Tree County brooch in an elegant chignon

Age of Innocence hair ornament surrounds a loose knot of hair

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