Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding

With the Royal Wedding just days away we at Paris along with the rest of the fashion world are anxious to see which tiara Kate will choose to wear down the aisle.  Traditionally Queen Elizabeth II gives the bride her tiara as a wedding gift, but the tiara which Kate is given may not necessarily be the one she wears down the aisle.  According to all the experts and educated guesses here are the frontrunners for Kate's big day...

The "Cambridge Lover's Knot" is a favorite as it is expected that the Queen will bestow the title of "Duke of Cambridge" upon her grandson.  The fact that this was given by the Queen to his mother Diana and she wore it often, there may be some protocol issues with this beautiful and historic piece

Another favorite included in the short list is the "Fringe" tiara worn by Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding day.  Because she has worn this many times and continues to wear it, this may not be considered if the Queen decides to wear this herself.

The Dehli Dunbar is a remarkably beautiful and historic piece.  It's large size may make it a bit too overpowering and less fashionable than the others.

The tiara leading in the media's poll is the "Girls of Great Britian and Ireland".  A gift to Queen Elizabeth from her grandmother Queen Mary, this piece is know for it's great beauty and ties to the royal family.

While Kate has an enormous collection of beautiful royal jewels from which to choose, most brides do not have access to these historic pieces.  Even without the family collection brides can still have beautiful accessories for a royal look.  Debra's headpieces and accessories have been setting the standard for beauty for over twenty years, begin your family heirloom collection with your own Paris tiara!