Thursday, September 9, 2010

End of Summer 2010

As always, Labor Day holiday and the end of summer comes as a shock but we here at Paris are always excited because it means we are weeks away from our NY market and we are busy, busy, busy getting prepared.

Fall also means a busy Trunk Show schedule and getting to meet and work with the beautiful new brides to be. I always get inspired by their excitment, the wonderful dresses and their love of my accessories.

The artisans here in the studio have had a busy summer getting ready for fall and winter brides and with quite a few rush orders for our "Barefoot Sandals" for those summer Beach Bound Brides. They are the perfect alternative to white flipflops and look so elegant around the pool on the honeymoon.

I am thrilled that everyone loves my "Glad Tidings" collection of accessories. It seems to be the combination of traditional floral elements and the touch of drama that everyone is responding to. Thanks to everyone for their kind notes and comments on this collection.

"Glad Tidings" necklace and bracelet

"Glad Tidings" brooch as the perfect accent on a georgeous Vera Wang.
My team of artisans and I are working feverishly on my new collection that will be introduced to our stores in New York mid october. Inspired by a Victorian Jewelry advertisment I have designed a sweet and romantic "Little Birds" collection. My other inspirations this season have been my summer hydrangeas, classic sparkle in the hair, on the neck and everywhere, great earrings and belts, belts, belts! I have designed some new painted veils that are truly modern and unique accent for that special bride. I can't wait for everyone's reaction to my new things at market.
For the Moms....

I have not forgotten the Mothers... This fall I am introducing a collection especially for them. I have been doing lots of research on the most classic and current fashion colors and have created a collection with a bit more color and drama for all the beautiful mothers. Here's a peek at the dramatic "Black Swan" necklace and earring set just one of a number of sets in this "Mother of the Wedding" collection.
Enjoy the last days of summer!

"The Black Swan" collection