Thursday, April 12, 2012

An interview about the upcoming Market

As Debra prepares for this upcoming market, she reflects on her career as a jewelry designer. She still does a few of the company's trunk shows and admits that it helps her create each season because she's out there, listening to what's needed, working with dress designers, and catering to the needs of her individual retailers.

Nearly 25 years in business, Debra has honed her design ethic to five categories: enamel, crystal, pearl, leather, and fabric. "My own personal style influences a lot of what I do, but it's never crazy or random--many ideas come from working with actual brides."

Debra enjoys the smaller market in the Spring because, "there's so much inspiration at this time, especially at my home. My viburnum bush is blooming and the fruit trees on my estate are covered with little white flowers that look like enamel (wink)."

Her estate is appropriately named "Valley View" because it has beautiful foliage surrounding the house with a large swooping valley behind it. "When the bluebells come up and cover the hillside it is a site to behold. I think many people are invigorated by spring."

Other inspiration of note, Debra concedes, is from Merchant-Ivory productions and British period drama. Her entire fall 2008 collection based on Sweeney Todd!

Let me say, look for "Cuckoo's Call" at market--it's to die for!

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